Church Multiplication Team

Church Multiplication Team


The Church Multiplication Team (CMT) exists to build reproducing church communities through the transforming gospel of Christ. We want to see healthy churches birthing new healthy churches.


Ministry Focus: Evangelism, Church Planting, and Church Resourcing.

Ministry and activities for local Church church planter apprentices, Worship leader, Media and Graphic Arts, Kids ministry, English Conversation Teacher, Small Group, and Discipleship Coordinator, Youth Ministry Worker.



Laverman Kevin & Kaori:

Church Planting/CMT Team Leader

Hill Leon & Cheryl:

Church Planting

Bri Sample:

English Teaching & Evangelism

Zao Christ Church of Yamagata

Swenson Greg & Asa:

Church Planting

Musikgarten, English café, and preaching at ICCS (Saitama)

Chang Gary & Jennifer:

Church Planting

Walker Jeff & Malia:

Church Planting/Specialized Ministry

Mitchell Justin & Lindsay:

Church Planting

Robison Jonathan & Maki:

Church Planting

Coming soon...