JBF UPDATE: Jan 1, 2018

Dear JBF Family,
A blessed 2018 to you! 
In the crisp cold air Mt. Fuji is very visible these days. I am not a photographer but I could not resist. The photo below was taken at dusk this new years day from Higashikurume eki. 
May we move mountains in our lives, relationships, and ministries by our faith in the Lord Jesus this year. 
Here is JBF first update for 2018:
MLP (Ministry Life Profiles) – due Jan 12Your team leaders will communicate with you details about completing your MLPs. It is due Jan 12.
Pray for Appointees

  • Chris & Liz Winkler with StuMo raising support. Target field date of April 2018.
  • Gary & Jennifer Chang (Caleb, Abigail) finishing up partnership development. Target field date August 2018.
  • Patrick & Megan LaPoint on partnership development. 
  • Robby and Gemelle Carlson from Fellowship International – Canada on partnership development. 

Quarterly/Year-end Financial Reports – Jan 15Please submit your quarterly/year-end financial reports to Yuka Oguro <jbffinance@gmail.com>. They are due Jan 15.
JBF Office

  • The office is closed and will open on Jan 11 (Thu). 
  • In the meantime, continue to use email for business/administration needs.
  • For any emergencies, contact me or Terumi.

2018 Important Dates (Mark your Calendars)

  • Ministry Life Profiles (MLP) – due January 12, 2018 (instructions from your team leaders are coming)
  • JBF Retreat – April 21-23 (Required) 
  • LT Meeting Dates – Jan 16&17, Mar 13, May 8, Sep 11, Oct 9.
  • Teamwork Meetings (Kinshuko) – May 14 – 16
  • Day of Business – October 22, 2018 Mon (Required)

Praying for you,Ken Taylor