JBF UPDATE: March 7 ,2018

Dear JBF,
Fall has arrived with its cooler weather. 
Here is the latest JBF news:
Welcome to Japan – The CHANGS arrived today (see photo)! Gary & Jennifer with children Caleb & Abigail are in the Mizo-no-kuchi area. Pray as they transition and settle into Japan. 
On Home Assignment – pray for those who are stateside on home assignment – Hills, Meekos, Janet Brown, Kathryn Fleming, Swensons (Karin who is attending CAJ and staying with the Willsons until Nov).
Japan Visits – Marty and Denise Shaw (WorldVenture VP for International MinistrIes) will be in Japan end of September. Frank and Rosa Pardue (Worldventure Asia International Ministry Directors. Pardues will be in Japan during the Day of Business. Both the Shaws and Pardues will be visiting some units while in Japan.
Day Of Business – Make sure to mark your calendar for our JBF Day of Business on Oct 22 (Mon) starting at 9am. Note that this is a required gathering for JBF missionaries.
Leadership Team Minutes Attached are JBF LT minutes of September 11
Evangelistic Resource in JapaneseWalt Manis of Moving Works documented six stories featuring Japanese people being transformed by Jesus Christ. We are giving these Japanese-language short films away for free to any ministry, church, or individual who could benefit from them. We know that you have a heart to reach Japan with the Gospel, so we wanted you to know about these free resources. You’re welcome to use them in your ministry and share with your network so they can do the same.  We have completed the first two films, which are available to stream and download right now from our Japanese Page or English Page.movingworks.org

Hello JBF Family,Spring seems to be in the air. A sign of a new season and new life in Japan. 
Speaking of which, JBF would like to welcome Takuma Ben Skipper. This is the Skipper’s new adopted baby boy. Here is an excerpt from Dave:So he has his Japanese (Takuma), Finnish (Ben), and English (Skipper) roots reflected in his name.
IMPORTANT!!!! Please note that until the adoption case is closed in the family courts (this may take a year or so) we cannot put any photos of Takuma on FaceBook or other social media, and we cannot mention his name there either, or refer to any of the details of his circumstances. Please help us by being careful not to ask questions or mention his name etc on FaceBook or other social media. The legal processes to go through are thorough and sensitive so we must proceed patiently with this. Thank you for understanding!

========We would also like to welcome 2 missionary units as appointee and in application process:

  • Jeff & Malia Walker (see photo attached) – officially appointed as Set Assignment missionaries to serve in Japan for 2-3 years! Although the details of their ministry are still being worked out with the Japan field, they are hoping to serve with young families. They have two small children: Mason (4 ½) and Kaili (almost 2).
  • Addison Zody and fiancée Abigail Enns are on application process for Open Assignment. He was a Pathfinder with us last year and spent 2 months serving in Japan, and Abigail visited him and our field. They are getting married in a few months, and then are hoping to be appointed to serve as the Short-term Coordinators for Japan. His home church is The Sanctuary Fellowship in Richmond, Texas. Her home church is First Baptist Wylie in Texas.

Current Appointees on Partnership Development:

  • Chris & Beth Winkler with StuMo received their Certificate of Eligibility visa. Pray that they can arrive in Japan soon and join us for the retreat. 
  • Gary & Jennifer Chang (Caleb, Abigail) finishing up partnership development. Target field date September 2018.
  • Patrick & Megan LaPoint on partnership development. Pray as they are pregnant and expecting their baby in August.
  • Robby and Gemelle Carlson from Fellowship International – Canada on partnership development. 
  • Adam Pierantonio from Fellowship International – Canada on partnership development.

March 6, 2018 JBF Leadership Team MinutesAttached are the March 6, 2018 JBFLeadership Team Minutes.2018 Important Dates (Mark your Calendars)

  • JBF Retreat – April 21-23 (Required) 
  • LT Meeting Dates – Jan 16&17, Mar 6, May 8, Sep 11, Oct 9.
  • Teamwork Meetings (Kinshuko) – May 14 – 16
  • Day of Business – October 22, 2018 Mon (Required)

BlessingsKen Taylor

Ken Taylor