JBF UPDATE: May 9, 2018

Dear JBF, 

Praise the Lord once again for a wonderful and refreshing JBF retreat last month. 
Here is the latest JBF UPDATE:

  • Please pray for Greg Swenson whose mother went to be with the Lord last Sunday. Geraldine (Gerry) Swenson was a WorldVenture missionary and along with her husband Lyndon planted several churches. See attached pdf for more information. Greg immediately left for the USA this week. Pray for the Swenson family during this time of grieving. 
  • Welcome Charles & Anne Marie Smoker to JBF as International Partnership – Cooperating Partners. They will be joining the Support Ministry Team as the Smokers are seconded to Seahorses Soccer International Club in Osaka. 
  • May 8, 2018 Leadership Team Minute Meetings Attached.
    • 18-LT-21 JapanVenture Missionary Housing Unit Purchase in Masashi-Kosugi area. Kimura sensei (JBF Legal Consultant) recommended that the LT approve this minute while we are awaiting official approval from Worldventure Board. Once we get WorldVenture approval, we will need to get a JapanVenture missionaries official vote by poll. Pray that we be good stewards and continue the vision to equip our growing mission here in Japan.
  • JBF Directory May 2018 version. Please keep the attached for the latest contact information of all JBF missionaries.
  • IMPORTANT DATES: (Please MARK your calendars)
    • Teamwork meeting:              May 21-23
    • LT Skype meetings:              Sep 11
    • LT in-person mtgs:                Oct 9          
    • Day Of Business:                  October 22 (9am – 4pm)
    •  JBF Retreat:                         2019 April 6 – 8  (MARK YOUR CALENDAR for THIS)    
    • Domei Related Events:
      • Pastors Wives Retreat
      • Tohoku Festa                 
      • Kanto Festa: NOV 3, 2018 (Sat) 1pm-4pm at Denen Grace Chapel Mizonokuchi

BlessingsKen Taylor